Thursday, December 16, 2010

Continuing the Facebook fast

Well, I know readers are sparse right now on this grand ol' blog. And that's okay. I'd sure like a shout-out from you that are reading though, feel free to comment and discuss whatever topics are at hand!

I'm about 5 days into my 40 day withdrawal from Facebook. You can read my previous post for the reason.  :)    But yes, I am experiencing a blessing already from the prioritizing of my time.  And, I've been less distracted during my school-work time because I don't have the option of getting bored with my reading assignments and taking a "break" to update my status. lol. 
Trying to get all my gym time crammed in this week, because next week i'll be at my folk's house and there is no chance to burn off pesky holiday calories. 

So for any and all my awesome friends that are reading right now, let me throw this out there:  there is a blog community project on Beth Moore's blog where you go and buy a spiral of index cards and memorize two scriptures per month, for a yearly total of 24 verses.  I'm choosing to participate. Are you interested in joining me in accountability? You can post your verses and updates on Beth's blog (google the address), and we can also keep each other up to date with out progress here on this blog.  Interested?  Post your feedback here and let me know. I'm starting January 1st. Haven't decided which verses to start with. But I'm excited!!!  Scripture memory is one of my favorite past-times and disciplines of the faith. It is so empowering.  Even if you don't want to participate here on my blog, i do very much encourage you to go to Beth's and join the community. It's going to be fun stuff.

Well hey, later taters. See you all on FB come January 21st.
keep doin' the walk

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Doing The Thing

Good day to you, my wonderful friends!  God and I are about to go through a new thing together, and my anticipation is growing by the minute.  Facebook has become a dear and near companion to me, and sadly I am all-too-quick to take my thoughts to people's Walls than to the throne of Grace.  Prayer has been replaced by a more popular means of communication.  The thing that is satisfying about facebook is the IMMEDIATE responses.  Often prayer can seem discouraging because we don't seem to get that rapid notification when we have something to say.  But I am willing to stake my life on the statement that if I take my every "status" to God's throne rather than my friend's Walls, my faith is going to sky-rocket and break the dependency for people to respond to what I had for lunch that day. 

Spending a minimum of 30 minutes a day in prayer, spending time daily in the Word, and abstaining from social networking is going to force me to stretch my communication habits and turn them to a big God.  Pray for me throughout this journey, and I will pray for you that God will beckon you to steal away with Him and fall in love all over again. I don't know about you, but in my Brideship with Christ, I could use some fresh romance. And what better way to improve this Heaven-instigated courtship than with exclusive time together?  I agree with you, nothing. 

Love you all. See you next blog.
Keep doin' the walk.