Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Living In A Snowglobe

There is something mesmerizing to a child (and to yours truly, who is as easily as amused as a child) about a snow globe.  Now, I don't know if it was just a thing in my house, or if it's like a universal thing, but at Christmas time when the snow globe was placed in the decoration of the house, ours always ended up on the piano.  Don't know why. But I distinctly remember my mom putting the snow globe on the piano.  Was anyone else's mom particular about that, or just mine? ;)

Anyway sorry.  So what is the first thing you instinctively do when you walk by a snow globe?  You grab it and shake the heck out of it of course. And for those of us who get bored with the rookie move of shaking it up and down, we get fancy with it and wave it in circles, so that all the flakes and glitter particles encompass Mr. Snowman in a cyclone of dazzling wintry wonder.  We wait until the last little flake hits the bottom, and then we go again.  There really is a world of enchantment trapped inside that glass sphere, isn't there? 

However, being me, I had the random thought go through my brain today:  "I wonder if that snowman inside of there ever thinks to himself, I wish those darned people would quit shaking my house every stinkin' time they walk by!"  'Cause from inside the snow globe, I bet it's absolute chaos.  First, there's something that feels like an earthquake, then you get blinded by all this white stuff, and you hear laughter going on outside, followed by another earthquake.  haha.  I bet it's terrifying to be a snowman.  But to the person holding the snow globe, the perspective is so different.  The person holding the snow globe sees how beautiful it is to turn it upside down and watch it glisten.

Okay. Here's the WHOOOOLE point here. We are snowmen.  Yep, I bet you were way ahead of me weren't you?  You saw it coming probably.  But it's so true.  
Man, I've gotten in a routine the last 7 months of getting up before dawn, driving to work and having an amazing time watching God raise the sun up and paint brilliant colors upon the sleepy clouds.  He's become so real to me just by my getting to SEE His creativity.  I have gotten used to my alarm going off at 5:25am, hitting snooze once or twice, getting up, dragging my sleep-drunk self to the Wellspring of Life (coffee maker) and then opening up the bread of Life (the Word) and just having the first 3 hours of my day predictably wonderful with God.  But now here I stand, and my job is going to end in 3 weeks.  I've gotten no leads on a new job. My routine of "work 5 days and get a paycheck on friday" is about to be history.  Things are changing rapidly and my only option is to adjust. 

How about you?  I bet that like me you have felt earthquakes going on around you, only to be blinded by the unexpected.  And just when you breathe a sigh of relief as the snow settles and you can see again, the earth quakes again.  To us, the snowmen, it can seem cruel of God to keep turning our world upside down. It's like a sick game.  But to God, the one holding our entire world in His hand, the perspective is totally different.  He gets to stand on the outside and see the wonder that unravels at the flick of His wrists.  What seems like chaos is actually a brilliant demonstration of beauty.  Will we choose to believe today that when our world takes an unexpected spin, that there is something miraculous going on around us that everyone on the outside beholds in amazement?  I choose to believe it. God, you are the Author of order and peace. You are completely creative but never spontaneously careless.  You can be so artistic with the story You write in my life and not one page or chapter is in vain.  I cannot wait to stand on eternity's side and read the book start to finish, and for the first time ever, look at my snow globe of a life from Your eyes.


  1. Wow Chica,well said because that is exactly what i'm going through also.
    i was taken off the schedule at work so now my paychecks as i knew them are no longer a part of my life right now. medical problems (L&I)has not kicked in so i have no income! Jordan,you inspire me girl,and i need to leave it in Gods hands,but i will not lose faith as i'm flipped around in my snow globe. thank you for letting us into your world.

  2. Yep. It's a hard transition learning to stop praying "God, I trust You to..." and start praying, "God, I trust You PERIOD."

  3. Great analogy, Sister....My globe has been shaken more times than I can count, and it always ends up with me being grateful for the shake-up, even though it usually doesn't start out that way...By the way, your dad broke that snow globe!

  4. Beautiful Jordan, I will never look at another snow globe without thinking about what you said.

    Just today, Charles Stanley in his daily bible said "when a storm rages into your life, understand that the Lord is already planning how to turn destruction into good. Seek His objective and work with Him to achieve it."