Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Time to have a little fun

Ok, it's Audience Participation time!!  We all need something to make us grin once in a while, and I figured that this topic might provide a few amusing answers.

What are three things you'd like to have answered about life's oddities?  There are just some things in life that catch you off guard and it makes you ask, "Why?"  For instance...

WHY does Wal-Mart have this supernatural magnetic pull that attracts people who dress in clothes 4 sizes too small?  I have seen more 300lb people at Wal-Mart in size medium tube tops than anywhere I've ever been! Not exaggerating. WHY? 

Another example...Why do boys from the age of 5-12 not lift the lid when they pee?  Us girls would have a much happier midnight-squat if we didn't sit in a puddle when nature called. WHY!!! 
So, give me your 3 why's of life.  Go....


  1. Ok, I'm sure I have a few of my own..

    1. Why is it that men do not know the functions of a laundry hamper or a toilet paper dispenser? How many times have I walked in the bathroom to find the toilet paper sitting on TOP of the dispenser? Is it that they don't know how the springy thing works?

    2. Why is it that every school-day morning you can shake, kick, sic the dog on, and tickle a child, but you can't get them to budge, But on Saturday morning they are up before sunrise???

    Those are the two that stick out in my mind at the moment...I'm sure there are more! :)

  2. Oh i love those! espescially the first one!! Keep 'em coming.