Monday, November 15, 2010

Puzzle Pieces

"Even when I don't see, I still believe"...-lyrics written by Jeremy Camp

I've had a few songs pretty much playing on loop on my itunes list the past few days.  I am choosing not to go into a lot of detail about what God is doing right now, because He's not finished with this work in  me, and I don't want to jump the gun telling you a piece of the story when in given time I can tell you the story top to bottom.  But bottom line, I've discovered that songs are very much like journal pages of my life. By listening to a song I can remember exactly where I was in a given season, and am reminded of the emotion, thoughts, and revelations I've had with God in a particular journey.  I am finding that by almost assembling a "playlist" of songs, I can tell you my story from beginning to present.  It's like all these different songs from different seasons, different days, moments fit together as intricate puzzle pieces, forming a moziac that is my story of faith. 
Right now I can look back in time at when certain songs meant something to me, and I can see God's hand on me.  I can see that He was holding me, even when at the time I couldn't see or feel Him.  Which means, that even now as I type, in this moment He is holding me, is near me.  And in time I will be able to look back at the moment I'm in now and be able to SEE clearly that which I had to choose first to believe. 
Keep the faith brother, sister.  You are being held.  Even now.

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