Friday, January 28, 2011

Another Near-Death at The Pharmacy

Okay, even though I do often post spiritual revelations and thoughts here, I am fully aware that the REAL reason you come to this blog is for the pharmacy stories and similar topical humorous tales that often derive from my torture. So here's the latest.

After a VERY rough morning at the pharmacy with customers bustling in and out, us running around like mad people trying to get prescriptions filled and sold, I finally get to my lunch break.  I'm sitting there during my hour-long breather and just silently praying that God will give me what I need to get me through the rest of this day.  WELLLL....true to His sympathetic nature, He catered to my sense of humor a bit for sure.

It was fate, and the small dark-haired hispanic 5-year-old was bouncing playfully around his mama's waist while she picked up her medicine. But then, (and I could hear the theme from JAWS growing louder and louder) Grandma comes creeping up the aisle in her motorized cart.  Grandma, obviously not well acquainted with this high-tech motor machine tries frantically to put on the breaks and even swerves, but poor Pueblo bounced right into the path of Grandma's death machine.  The boy's Buzz-Lightyear shoes went flying up over his head and he tumbled to the ground with a *thud*. In horror, Grandma tries to get the cart away from the child but in her state of panic accidently puts the cart into reverse and hit the kid a SECOND time!  I guess she figured any job worth doing is worthy doing thoroughly.

In my efforts to apologize for bursting out into laughter, I did peek over the counter to see if Pueblo survived. No harm done. I just figure now he won't want to accompany mommy to the Pharmacy. :)


  1. You sure do make story-telling an artform!! I L'd,OL a few times on that one...I love the line "high tech motor machine"!

  2. Yeah, I have to try to capture the moment as funny as it was with only words on a screen. it's a hard thing to do. Because it was CLASSIC.