Thursday, January 27, 2011

Guitar Center and Hip-Sticking Finger-Licking good Food.

Gooood morning my now 14 followers! I see all your pretty little faces on the margin of my "followers" list and I am reminded of how blessed I am to know each of you.  Which by the way, "followers" just sounds weird. I'm not Charlie Manson and I'm not Jesus, having followers is goofy. what do I call you guys? lol. This little blog community should have an identifiable name. lol.

So I am headed to the place I can most tangibly identify with Heaven.....Guitar Center. Wall-to-wall decked with shiny guitars begging to be cradled in my hands and to let their voices be heard for a few minutes. I may even take one of my less-needed guitars and "put it up for adoption"...i can't say the "T" word. It sounds so inhumane. I'm not trading  it in like I don't want it any more, it's just that a $400 cat deposit will come at a less painful expense if I can get $200 out of a guitar I never use.

AND....THE GRAND FINALE....we are eating at Cheddar's most likely today. The home of the cookie-monster skillet sundae. Heaven on your tastebuds and cellulite on your hips. I can't wait.
So how has this week been for you? Have anything this weekend you're looking forward to?

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  1. The Jordanaires but, I think that one is taken.:-/